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Kim Gwang-suk

Kim Gwang-suk (style name Haebeom, born 1936), is the modern father of Sibpalki. Kim learned Sibpalki in a Taoist community in the Jiri mountains of Korea from Yun Myeong-Deok as well as in Busan during the Korean War, and has since disseminated the martial art to the general population in Korea. His learning covers not only the Sibpalki martial arts, but also oriental medicine, meditation, and kigong (qigong). As a Taoist he  was reluctant to show Sibpalki to the public, however, the circumstances of Korea and the martial arts being practiced in addition to some of the fabrications surrounding the history of these arts in the 70ís and 80ís lead him to transmit Sibpalki systematically.

Kim has published the books:
Skill Analysis on Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts (Muye dobo tongji silgi haeje),
Essentials of Fist Methods (Gwonbeop yogyeol, Dongmunseon, 1992),
Korean Sword Methods (Bonguk geom, Dongmunseon, 1995),
Syllabus of Joseon Spears and Staffs (Joseon changbong gyojeong).

Kim Gwang-suk founded the Korean Sibpalki Association (Dae Han Sibpalki Hyeop Hwe).

His teachings and methodology has since been verified by notable academics in Korea such as Dr Choi Bok-Kyu as being authentic Sibpalki that accurately follows the Muyedobotongji. Currently if someone wishes to practice authentic Sibpalki then they must learn from an appropriately accredited instructor who draws their lineage back to Kim Gwang-suk.

The ROK Army Traditional Honor Guards, trained by Kimís students, now also perform the traditional martial arts Sibpalki.


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